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I think its OK to show blocks corresponding to categories on the home page. When the user taps one, it drills down to all articles in that category. Maybe include a breadcrumbs style navigation on the top for a quick return to the homepage. Im writing this under presumption that the only content on your webpage are articles.


Here is a method that addresses this issue. Upon a left-/right click a selection of menu items is displayed in a circular manner around the cursor's current position. Menu items are displayed as callouts and each callout is made up of an 'arm' and a 'bubble'. You select the desired menu item by either selecting the arm or the bubble. This minimises cursor ...


Some possibilities if your navigation is fairly simple. A horizontal primary navigation will work ok on mobile if you don't have very many items. A vertical secondary navigation will probably take up too much screen space on mobile, but you could add this as a second horizontal bar, or possibly a drop-down from the primary navigation. Again, this ...


I believe the "..." is used on actions that will require additional user input to complete the flow, where the items w/o it will take you to the end result right away. Example: Open File... - you will then have to select the file Save Page As... - you will have to specify the name, etc New Window - you will end up with a new Window opened ... and so on. ...

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