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Long menu items are not necessarily a problem, it's how they get presented that can sometime make them appear awkward and not well thought out. Consider the worst case scenario of dealing with menu items that are too wide for the screen. A few options might be to: truncate the text (not ideal) use an ellipsis at a suitable point (beginning, middle, but ...


Staying consistent with menus is a rule of thumb for keeping users happy. In your example, you can simply add a horizontal menu for the 'Recipe' page, giving the user the contextual menu for that particular page. The sidebar should always display the same menus as replacing them loses the entire context and flow of the links and their hierarchy.


Honestly, I don't think it's a big problem, as long as you provide a clear distinction between where one starts and where it ends. Although I would say you should keep menus easy to scan. Having extensive menu names could cause some confusion. Here is what I'm thinking for a design (lines in-between): download bmml source – Wireframes created ...

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