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The mental image of time is indeed thought to be influenced by language and culture. Scientists discovered years ago that spatial representations of time are affected greatly by linguistic conventions. If English is your native tongue, you're likely to think of time as moving from left to right, but if Arabic is your language of choice, time moves ...


In the Arabic world, time series charts are more often shown as right-to-left, as this flows more naturally with reading from right-to-left. Al Jazeera (a large Arabic based news organisation) for example user right-to-left charts quite regularly, as shown below. Note that I have no idea what this chart is referring to. However, most speakers of ...


The only reference to research which I found was on the site usability.gov which did some research on optimal url names for government organization. To quote the article When the General Services Administration (GSA) changed the names of the U.S. government's official Web portals from FirstGov.gov to USA.gov and FirstGov en espaƱol.gov to ...


Not always. Check out this (fictious) ad, which would most likely be misunderstood in countries which write right-to-left: Image source


Here are a few possible strategies: Do nothing. Since the cropping corners are automatically placed in initial positions, you don't have to worry about concave polygons being created accidentally. The only way you will get invalid shapes is if the user deliberately drags a corner to create one. Since there is no objective reason to create such a shape in ...


The label isn't necessary, and in fact if it's spelled in a language the user is not familiar with they can't even find it. Keep in mind that the primary use case for a language picker is to allow people who can not read the currently displayed language to pick a language they can read. The picker needs to be self-explanatory for someone who can not read the ...


GitHub does this quite well. When you're in a repo, the search field is set to search that repo with the option to change it to 'global'. When you're on a global page it defaults to global search, with the option to change it to 'users', 'help', etc.

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