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Reordering content on narrower screen sizes is a valid and useful approach when done right. I guess a key factor here is to maintain the hierarchy (flow) used in the wide layout. Simply stacking columns under each other without changing the order could easily bury/push down potentially important content in narrow, single-column layouts. The way you've ...


Taking "Mobile First" paradigm, you could think in a reverse way. You create stacking layout for mobile according to some principle. Probably, the order of the blocks reflects relevance, or usage frequency, or usefulness of the content. So the arguments for the ordering is the base of your layout decision. Designing the desktop layout, apply the same ...


I'm not sure why, but this is one of the only meaningful discussions I can find for this. My take on this is that the app-centric approach is a symptom of efforts to lock users into a company's ecosystem. The app-centric framework makes it difficult to take content to a different platform, therby

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