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The only reference to research which I found was on the site which did some research on optimal url names for government organization. To quote the article When the General Services Administration (GSA) changed the names of the U.S. government's official Web portals from to and FirstGov en espaƱ to ...


The label isn't necessary, and in fact if it's spelled in a language the user is not familiar with they can't even find it. Keep in mind that the primary use case for a language picker is to allow people who can not read the currently displayed language to pick a language they can read. The picker needs to be self-explanatory for someone who can not read the ...


You're overthinking it. This True-or-False question from the CUA (Certified Usability Analyst) practice exam is testing whether you can differentiate between a mental model, an implementation model, and a representation model. Let me give you an example. Here's my mental model, as a driver, of how a car works: I press the gas pedal, which sends more gas ...


GitHub does this quite well. When you're in a repo, the search field is set to search that repo with the option to change it to 'global'. When you're on a global page it defaults to global search, with the option to change it to 'users', 'help', etc.

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