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There is similar implementation in commonfloor.com, a real estate website. https://www.commonfloor.com/listing/4bhk-house-for-sale-in-k-r-puram-bangalore/55a86ca3f41a6


With all of the suggestions above you end up cluttering the user interface and making it more difficult to quickly understand what is being looked at. Run a timer every minute and only show a single category at a time. Have a big heading (ease of readability from a distance) stating what is being shown (with the associated colour), along with an indicator ...


Don't overcomplicate the interaction patterns, use existing common patterns that would be easy to remember and use. Potential Solution (wires below) Image shows several pins - nothing special User taps on a pin - a side panel slides out with information on the selected location User taps on other pins - selected locations are added into the side panel ...


Not bored, but overwhelmed. The more colors that are on your map the harder it will be for your user to differentiate what the colors define. If you take your current map, your user has 3(ish) colors to decipher. Red for a large cluster of items, an orange-yellowish for a medium size of clusters, and a green for a small number of clusters. This is a good ...

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