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Could this confuse the user ? Will he start looking for other places on this map ? Expect him to look for other places, but he will also likely be expecting not to find them. Usually this means he'll zoom out/drag a bit and then having done so, either get out of the map or stop looking altogether. Try provide an easy way to 'get back to where the ...


Let me answer some of your questions and then I'll talk about some pitfalls with an example. Could this confuse the user? Will he start looking for other places on this map? A map widget will not confuse a user. It will offer more clarity to the user on how to find your shop, look for things to do near your shop and other local facilities and ...


You might find that getting the zoom level for the map is awkward depending on how dense the streets of the town or city are, so would be good to let the user change this (pinch to zoom etc). However it could be solved just by showing a interactive map with just that pin on it if the user taps the map. Another small thing is handling how the user might get ...


I faced a similar problem and solved it by extending the Google Maps Marker Cluster Library and using pie charts as suggested by BDD instead of the default cluster marker that comes with the library. You can download the solution from my GitHub repository: https://github.com/hassanlatif/chart-marker-clusterer

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