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The problem with DT definitions is that if you ask two practitioners to define DT you'll get four different answers — see this discussion on the DT LinkedIn group for example ;-) That said, since the IDEO and d.school approaches to DT have lot of the same folk involved, I'd say that these two are mostly describing the same process with different words. ...


First of all, kudos on a well illustrated question. The two approaches are not identical, but are very similar, and the overall architecture of the design process they articulate is the same. Practically speaking, the commonalities are far greater than the differences. Some background may help: d.school and IDEO were both founded by David Kelley. For a ...


Hover is the best option here. For mobile-friendly design replace hover by first tap on touch devices. You can set one tooltip with the photo open as a default, to hint that the map is active. Corresponding position in the list of buildings/regions should be highlighted simultaneously. Photo in the pane is a second best option, however, as the action ...


A small preview by hovering over a pin, and a larger photo set by clicking on it, takes the user progressively to higher engagement, while they stay in control.

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