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Getting in the trap of scrolling map area instead of page scrolling is definitely bad experience. Still current solution looks overcomplicated and provides a barrier to interaction. The design looks a bit contradictory: large map area assumes reach user interaction with map content (primary task), but scrolling beyond map control looks like users don't need ...


TL;DR It all depends on what you want to show your users and the message you are trying to send with the data. Long version: So what you describe are two methods of visualizing a map called "Equal Interval" (absolute) and "Quantile" (relative). The Equal Interval Method makes sure that the same number of values are in each classification set. So in ...


Would something like this work: The idea is the main circle has up to 3 time minutes displayed to show a quick look of what the different times are for travelling. On click, or perhaps on hover, 3 circles expand out showing the different travelling times for the different modes of transport. This is just an example and would need refining.

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