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The simple fact that "everybody" put the avatar in top-right means it's a well stablished convention. Don't worry about it. As your design has a side navigation, you can trace a parallel to Google's Material Design: it has a side navigation with a prominent user avatar in top left:


Is there a behavioral or psychological benefit to placing the identity control in the top-right? Reading Gravity - Top-right is a 'strong fallow' area Various models that describe reading gravity (for languages that read left-to-right) make the top-right a 'strong fallow' area. So it's not a primary location in the reading/scanning process, but it gets ...


Care for response, delete keys and change activity regardless but notify user Have a serverside backup system. Every so often (once a minute, once every 10 minutes, you decide) you ping the device from the server. If the ping comes back, session stays open. If it doesn't, session ends. Then, when you logout but can't connect to your server, you give them a ...

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