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This is incremental, but I'd only reserve yards for walking distances, and only for numbers that can be easily rounded to a multiple of 100. An American football field is 100 yards long, so it's a familiar point of reference. And it's not uncommon to hear statements like "wind turbine with blades two football fields long".


For walking distance I would use feet. If it was 100 feet away would you really want to say 0.02 miles? On driving direction they say turn right in 100 feet. Google maps detail does feet up to 1000 and then flops to miles.


I have noticed a soft crossover from mi to feet on street signs around 1000ft (0.19) I say its a soft crossover, because you will see things like 0.1mi, but its much more unusual to see distances longer than 1000ft rendered in feet. I've seen very few signs use yards, although I can't say if that's universal.


Giving miles is better option but you can provide flexibility to the user Like he can choose between km and miles for distance greater than 1 km and yards/km/miles for shorter distance < 1 km


If you're dealing with geographical distances, just use miles. We never think of towns being X feet or yards away from each other. Our street signs (and mapping apps, etc.) show decimals, so that's a good way to handle fractional miles. Even under a mile we're used to seeing distances like 0.2 miles. (One decimal place is usually enough.) Even when things ...


First of all, in the US, for measuring lengths and distances, people are more familiar with "inch, foot, yard, and mile" and if you don't want your users to struggle through the app, then do use these units. But to provide a better UX you can provide an additional feature of changing the units as per the convenience by setting the local units as default. ...


The font size should be legible for every language, which means that you may need to bump it up (or down) depending on the language used. Usability experts used to recommend a minimum of 16 pt font for websites, but with the introduction of responsive design and the multitude of devices the key has become using the correct scale font based on the screen size ...


The answer depends on how central location is for the service. In this case, online classifieds, it is likely to be highly localized information. Where the showing is, where the seller is, where the business is... distance from the reader to the advertiser is often critical. Thus a separate UI element that more clearly delineates the location of the ...

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