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Graphic User Interfaces on any kind of system has to adapt to the direction of the language, so they adapt their designs and positions to please the users of each orientation, right to left and viceversa. There is no "base orientation" or "true default orientation" and a reversed one. That only exist in the mind of the team building the original prototype ...


If the browser interface is RTL, everything would be mirrored compared to an LTR interface: As for the second part of your question, I wouldn't phrase it in terms of "good" or "bad" UX. It goes like this: Usability and cognition Part of usability is efficiency, which by many definitions involves (amongst others) the mental effort users have to expend ...


Just for the bonus question, and I can only speak for Japanese. The Japanese writing system is highly complicated, including a couple phonetic syllabaries next to the traditional (Chinese) ideogram system. Japanese has no direct parallel to diacritics or accents. Digital media have a history of using either or both of those syllabaries (katakana and ...


My native language is Romanian, and while some words have different meanings if accents are added, years of communicating via the Internet without accents have taught me that we can adapt just fine to the lack of accents, and should just go ahead and drop them.

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