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It's not a lot of information. Amazon already do something similar. It's quite informative.


Add text for clarity and images for quick recognition UX is more about solving problems and making things easier for people and not about pretty icons. Images should enhance an already functional UI. Although this may be way off base from what your application is trying to do this would be more intuitive to first time users...


You could Consider a more graphical approach as this will help you move away from tabular data and allow you to add more details if you wish to do so. This has also the advantage of providing an immediately understandable and comparable view of time units used. opting for a progress bar as in the mockup below, users will be able to get the information they ...


Use each link as an item separator Separate the links from the descriptions and place them in a vertical list. With proper spacing it should be clear where each item begins and ends without the need for bullet point dots.


I detest the iTunes UX, so I'm a fan of any competition :-) The 'conventional' way to sort is by clicking on the column headers. So I think any solution should attempt to be compatible with this behavior. For multi-column sort, things become more difficult. Columns can quickly get cluttered with tiny arrows or badges. The tiny directional arrows can be ...


If you're talking about the hamburger icon and the "me", the way to break the table appearance of your screen is to swap everything around: Put the magenta camera icon on the left and the "Me" to the left of the hamburger (menu) icon which would be on the far right. Edit after feedback about my misunderstanding of the question You are asking what will make ...


The most user friendly list at the bottom of a blog post, at least for me, is to have no list at all, but a single link titled 'Read this next'. This might need human curation rather than just tag matching, but it means a lot to me. I can only click one article's title at a time, and someone has already done the hard work and chosen that for me? I am sold.


Some ideas: If you sort by date, can't you make "Location Group" visible as an attribute in the same way Item Name, Item Details, and Date are listed? That way the distinction is still present. Its hard to say one way or the other without more context. I'm also not sure what flexibility you have yet at the wire frame stage, but you could also color code ...

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