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This is where UX is being tasked to fix something that isn't fixable at the UX level. I'd go as far to say this is where a back end system is unfairly asking a user to make decisions that they shouldn't have to. If the issue is that people enter items they sell under a different name than what's already in the system, then the proper solution would be a ...


I would try something like GMail tags. You have a filter and the list of checkboxes inside a scroll area Other good option is something like Pocket Chrome plugin You have a filter and the selected items become a tag


I had to face same problem a few days ago, and came with this solution ! In my cases list weren't that long so I used a tag system so user can have a list of the items that he/she selected.


The problem with drag-and-drop is that you can't be sure about the user recognizing this a functionality. If you provide some kind of "first time tutorial", and the lists tend to fit in the screen, it's the best option. Comparing d&d with the arrows, the latter are more intuitive but also more tedious because of the number of taps that might be ...


Yes there are alternatives Since you only have two views, a common approach that is also applicable to Material Design is to provide a toggle icon or word (map or list) in the topbar. This avoids the need to take up valuable real estate with a tab control, and may help you avoid the awkward scrolling design by enabling a fixed topbar. This approach is ...


Long click and drag seems to be the best solution. One or two below: If you have a long list - long click and scrolling list as a background with clicked element above. For short list - long click and drag. Also consider clicking - icon on the right side indicating, that you can change order. After click moving up / down is activted. I'd consider some ...


Would this work for you? Merging the two lines into one, but not sacrificing too much space?


Never ever update when user is deciding. It is just to frustrate your user while using your app There is no status when the alarms are generated, how do the user know what alarm was generated at what time Don't steal control of the selection from user Here is my visual solution


I have to agree with Micky Duncan : I think searching/grouping/filtering are not at all suited for this task. You don't want to search and select a few items from a big list. You want to select about half of all items on the list. If the user has to select half of the items, the user will want to make sure he has selected all candidates and not missed ...

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