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Option 2 is a better idea. "Have a 'Recently used' section at the top with the x most-recently-used items (3? 5? 10?) and an 'All' section below with everything on the list." In terms of your 'recency or frequency' question, it all depends on what you are holding in the list. For example, if you have data which the user is unlikely to select ...


I get the feeling that the tabbed content on the right of your mockup is more important than the scrolling list on the left so why not use the gmail pattern of keeping the list of filters/labels fixed to the left (and they scroll independently as needed) In your example, I would assume the list on the left shrinks as the user filters/searches suppliers. ...


What you have is fine, and I would!dent move it. What I would suggest is that you group the list and the buttons together, so the user immediately knows that they are together. EDIT: Yes, that looks great.


Another option is to use the list view, but provide a add icon for each list entry so user doesnt have to tap on the menu btn. You can tap as many times to increment qty or disable add if only one unit can be added at a time. Have a search icon in toolbar (top or bottom) to search for an item. For new users and even generally i think "list of items" is ...

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