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You can use a popout window, this will also free some space on the report inspector : download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups


Have you tried combining the collapsable accordion along with a detail view? It gives a nice fluid feeling, especially when the expand/collapse animations are done properly:


You could use a scrolllist for the FAQ questions instead of a accordion. If you press e.g. on "Question 3" the detail view for question 3 is moving smoothly from right to left. If you press on "< Back" the FAQ list is moving from left to right. In addition you can offer buttons to switch to next or previous question in the detail views. download ...


Your question: What are the cases where one would use this type of filter and how effective is it? Is something you answered previously: [When you can] assume the user knows what the first letter of the item is. Context-wise, I think your two examples are likely the most applicable uses: dictionaries and address books. iOS7's address book, for ...


I will also give the same solution Select 2: http://ivaynberg.github.io/select2/ here you are also able to view the selected options...and scrolling would be required in both areas ('selected options' and 'options to select').. for hundreds or thousands of options, how can we display them without scrolling...


I'm not sure of what you are working in but I was always fond of a select box replacement written in jquery called Select 2. It has the appearance of a select box but when you click on it it gives a search box underneath. There are also examples for selecting multiple options if it is needed. Here's a quick mockup: download bmml source – ...


you could use an accordion, with all the option categories collapsed by default. clicking on one expands it. while clicking it again collapses it, like a toggle. clicking on another one expands that and collapses anything else thats currently open. after making a selection, the selection will be a part of the title in the accordion.

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