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I’m not a programmer, but I’m interested in this topic. As I know (as an app user), Invert Colors in iOS device is to make the digital screen comfortable to look at and ease the eyestrain. The usage of Invert Colors in iOS is the same as F.lux in Windows/Mac computer, Twilight (a free app) in Android phone. Since Apple has lots of limits for approving an app ...


Is there a usability problem here in that I might be implying that these breaks mean something? (They don't...it's just one large number) If you use chunks of 3, like in 123 456 789 it might be read as “123 million, 456 thousand and 789”, which might not be desired.


Digit Span Tests 6 is the average The adult average for the famous (auditory) digit span test is just above 6. The average for visual digit span test is roughly the same. Around 80% of adult population will score between 5-8 in such tests, and people scoring 4 or below will be suspected of some cognitive impairment. 4 is the boundary This means that ...


Three or four digit chunks make the string more readable and repeatable. The advantage of three digits is that there will be either a remainder of one or two, so the last item in the list would be 4 digits or the last two would be 4 digits. Using four digits is easiest when copying information - say a license key from the cd case (remember those?). I ...

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