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As it depends on your app functionality, I think in general you should allow to use your applicated with restrictions. Here is some reasons to do so. Most likely your application has some user data which should be still accessible to user even with new TOS, e.g. history, settings, high scores, etc. Most likely you don't want user to remove your app. In ...


Add HUMOUR!!! TOS are draconian nightmares, and not really worth the virtual ink they're printed with because nobody ever reads them. Comprehension is also a problem. The great majority of people wouldn't understand what they're agreeing to, even if you did (somehow) force them to read your TOS. Legalese is not English, not user friendly and very difficult ...


Whenever your TOS change, you should show them whenever the app starts. Here's a simple mockup: The user must click on the "Proceed" button to continue using the app. This button is enabled only if the checkbox "Accept the TOS" is ticked. You might want to add another button "Exit" to allow the user to go back easily to the device's home screen.


Well, if you don't want them to be able to use the app at all, as opposed to limiting functionality, then your approach is probably the best way to go. I would ensure it is framed something like "Are you sure you no longer want to..." and give them the option then and there to either confirm or cancel their choice. If they confirm their rejection then ...


How about justy shutting down the app? The next time you start the app, it will immediately prompt again to accept the terms and conditions.

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