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In the US, alcohol advertising is regulated by state and federal guidelines, as well as industry standards for self-regulation. For example, the Distilled Spirits Council has a set of guidelines for responsible digital marketing. Here's what they say about age verification: Age affirmation is a process or a mechanism by which users provide their full ...


It's a fair way to get people to say their full birthday. So in the future you can segment them by age, congratulate them on their birthdays (and offer something) or know their zodiac sign for whatever purposes.


I think that your question holds the answer; it would be easier! Perhaps too easy - I think they have chosen a slow and less effective system so that young people wont just easy pop in on the website - at least that is what alcohol-websites tell themselves. In this instance the lack of ease of use is a safeguard protecting them of too many accusations if ...


Because they feel like one is less likely to lie doing the more in depth version. Another option could be that they dynamically change that based on the market their product is in or where your browser is. However the most likely reason is that they don't have usability experts and they conform to the standard which is less than ideal


It's OK to use a popup here Assuming you need positive user affirmation of the legal disclaimer (ie it's important to you that the user directly clicks to affirm the legal content), a modal pop-up is not only fine but it has several benefits: The pop-up channels user focus onto the legal content (assuming you are masking or otherwise de-emphasizing the ...

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