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As you point out, different apps use different conventions for CtrlEnter vs ShiftEnter for newline vs submit. Some guidelines Make shortcuts optional. If you offer keyboard shortcuts for newline vs submit, it's best to make them optional because they are not obvious features. For example, do not depend on CtrlEnter to submit: it's best to also add a ...


I saw a research on how to use users feedbacks (i.e. comments) in appstore/googleplay as a starting point for usability studies. This was presented in IEEE requirements engineering conference. Will post the link here if I find the paper.


A learning management system (LMS)or the course platform as you mentioned should be capable of handling these type of learning structure. A course is made up of learning units, can be called as lessons, and courses can be made linear or non-linear while they are authored. Means, student has access to randomly go through it, based on students expertise ...

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