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Unless your app has a clear character or you have a brand font (Spotify for example), using the system font will make you fit in the system better. It's best to make layouts independent of font size, because those layouts will break for every change in text too.


In an answer to a recent question I suggested gradual engagement. Same answer applies here. Each request to the user for info should ask only for the info that's necessary at the time, and makes clear why it's necessary. That is, registering for a site might only ask for an email address and password. Ask for the user's mailing address only when they're ...


Company wants to sell something and customer want to buy something, but the real factor is none of the users don't like to fill webforms especially the long ones. So you must careful when you are presenting a long form in front of a user. Few factors which will help you to build conversion forms. 3 Principles : 1. Make the from short and sweet, 2. Provide ...


Your question has an answer in another UX question, Your desktop application, if it is built on system controls (not with it's own graphic style entirely) should use system font to be compliant to OS guidelines (weither it is Windows, Mac OS or Unix derivative OS) It is important to know what it is built for. If it uses a system controls to primarily ...

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