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There is one quite solid reason for keeping language in the URL: data tracking. If tracking potential users and their breakdown by region is important for you (and in case of business, SaaS and e-commerce it is always important), it will be easier for you to set up the tracking and easier for various tools to track the content, campaigns and conversion if ...


Assuming you handle the changing between language versions (as in the example of your first bullet point - sending a page) in a reasonable manner, then yes, you should consider having the language in your URL, but for a reason you've not mentioned here. Note: This generally gets referred to as 'language/region' because, more often, the two letter codes are ...


Yes always, because people tend to share links mostly with people speaking the same language. Especially distinction like en-US and en-GB will less likely alienate visitors. In special cases the same product or service may have different names in different languages.

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