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This case study shows that users mostly expect that the language button is in the top right: http://flagsarenotlanguages.com/blog/2013/10/case-study-onefinestay-com-and-dropdown-language-selection/


Besides being a representation of a country and not the language, flags are culturally very sensitive. Consider what's going on in Middle East or how Portuguese and Brazilians feel about being identified as a unique entity.The best approach is to avoid alienating some of your users by opting for a convention that all your users will understand. In this ...


The 'flags are not languages' thing gets repeated a lot and it certainly has a valid point. But it shouldn't be taken as an absolute law. Flags are not languages but users do associate a French flag with the French language (for example) and so will be drawn to flag pictures as a way to change the display language. In the case of something like setup for an ...


You don't seem to be talking about calls to action, but rather about choices in a menu. The possible actions are listed by their names - which for verbs means the infinitive. The user thinks I can create a file or save the current file Usually, the user feels to be in control, and rather thinks of the actions as his own - he is not telling ...

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