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Adding the option to change language in the option menu is both a common and logical idea. You treat the option as a very low priority item within the menus as it is unlikely that most users would use this (assumption) as long as your game is detecting the user's default language os language and using that if it's available. Should you game also have voice ...


it's really good to provide an option for changing language and to customise app based on user needs. You can provide an option under settings labelling it as region and language grouping related things together.


If there are two businesses named "ACME" (one from USA, one from Germany), why would they want to advertise their URL as /acme and not as /us/acme and /de/acme? The US business would know that users coming from Germany looking for their business would end up at the unrelated DE business, which would be some form of "advertisement" they most likely don’t ...


This is more of an implementation question but I'll try and answer the UX portion as best I can. It really doesn't matter what the URL looks like as long as it's consistent. I like that you are thinking about this problem as clean URLs make nicer looking bookmarks and are easier for developers to understand though most users won't even notice the URL. As ...


Yes it's perfectly understandable, see wikipedia


I don't think you will find any standard answer about whether users change default text. That is far too context-dependent. The question is: are users likely to change the text on your particular application? It depends on your particular users and use case. As for the issue itself, you have two conflicting goals: Ensure that the test conforms to ...

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