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Landing pages are typically focused on ONE type of customer. Additional/ parallel customers would need their own landing pages. So ideally, you'd be focusing on getting the user to do one thing. More options on a page doesn't translate into more interaction from users; it takes away the user's intent. If you go through the landing pages featured on ...


In addition to stats, a list of recently worked on items or previous searches can fill the void and provide a useful set of links to assist users in (re)finding items.


I think not just for the first time. For every time you can have a wallpaper or big bold text giving a hint of the application. 1. With wallpaper Example. download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups But the Google search page is the best example. 2. Without Wallpaper In case you don't want Wallpaper: Try this with a ...


Add a start form, a place search box, and a list of previous searches made by the current user (under the search box). I think that many people do the same searches every day. A summary statistics page would be a nice solution. It’s very interesting to know some numbers and performance stats.

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