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A few suggestions from my end: While the device is running For this device when awake For this working device While the device is on You can shuffle between the words "working",'running','not in sleep','not in flight' and the like to go about your phrasing.


For starters I would recommend against using inline labels in form fields as they pose a number of problems to users Users need to remember what the inline label in each form field was when they start entering content as the label disappears. I know you did mention you have on hover interaction but on hover doesn't work on mobile and you are imposing an ...


If the values must be shown all the time - put them above the sliders and move the handles inside the sliders (so they don't cover the labels and takes unnecesary space). This will (probably) take care any problems with the hand covering what's beneath on touch screens. If the values mustn't be shown all the time - make the value popup while dragging the ...

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