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If space isn't an issue, then use a vertical list with word and actual cues. You can use Numbers (0-9), Letters (A-Z and a-z), Underscores (_), Hyphens (-), and Periods (.) In any case, explain the valid characters before the user enters data, not after submission or upon typing.


Your case looks like booking a seat for a venue. For these kind of flows I would suggest use the actual model of the venue. Reason. It help user to visualise the venue You can easily show which seats are booked and not available or only available. It reduce the time of seat selection Try this.


Another alternative for the Y axis label suggested by statistician Naomi Robbins is to place the label above the Y axis. This has the advantage of not having to read the vertical text and does not waste as much space. See the example in the top right chart. IMO the non-centered X axis in your mock up looks fine to me.


If I had to pick between these 2... I Personally would vote for the option on the right since this is a more hierachical/logical way of presenting question/answer relationships. By quickly scanning the form, it is easier to differentiate question from answer. However if you want to align text to the input vield, it would be more appropiate to create a ...


I vote for right, but if possible reduce the left-margins of the text inside the comboboxes.


While the option on the right creates a class-difference between label and the value. It also creates a visual confusion because of the alignments. Now we can align the labels with the border of the input-box, we can't do the same with the values. Best possible solution would be to align label and the value together, and create the class-difference between ...


This isn't based on any research except for the fact that my eyes are melting from the ugliness of the option on the left. The label should definitely line-up with the edge of the input box.


I think that it's pretty standard to place an axis label centered with respect to the corresponding axis. So, your chart's Y axis label looks fine to me, but the X axis label should be centered, in my opinion.


Here is a good example - even though you stated that "Pay What You Want" will not fit. There are several good aspects of this that you may apply to your UI. (from losttype.com) They equate Pay-What-You-Want with a Personal License in the description. This may or may not apply to your situation, but it allows you to describe it in one place, and keep the ...


What comes to mind is something like "Best Offer" because I think it will encourage people to at least think of a price rather than just instantly grabbing the freebie. I think you could also use the word "Free" but on the checkout page you can implement a message which says something like "This product is currently available for free but please consider ...


"Set price" or "Price" should work. More importantly, I think you can convey the fact that pay what you want by showing an input field instead of a price. That way, users wouldn't even have to read the tag to understand that it's up to them to determine the price. This would work especially well in places where users have already been "trained" to expect a ...

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