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I'm curious to understand why you would play the chapters in a loop. For me the language needs to be as simple as possible. Some options: Play all videos Play all chapters or just Play all


If it's starting over, I agree with @user1261104 to call it "Repeat all". I've seen it without the start-over-feature (depends on use case, clearly) in Lynda.com, and I think it was called "Play Continuously" (can't verify right now).


Both indicators have pros and cons, but probably using only the ratio puts the highest cognitive burden on the user as math processing might be involved. So why not play safe and use both? Specially when you can get away with it without penalising your design.


Might I suggest making some distinct separations of different levels so that users know what they're looking at. This isn't really tabular data, if it were just category and topics, then it would be tabular data, but because it is by product, its a 3 dimensional table which html tables are not very good at representing. If you are going to nest, ...


Your three designs have always 3 labels at top, I think it's too much weight for "the header". Also there are too many labels taking in count the data that is being displayed (14 labels for 8 results in the worst case VS (below) 8 labels for 8 results) I think that the kind of data that you're displaying is important to make the decision about merging or ...

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