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You're on the right track! It's good as is, but you can make it better. About the language: check out this article on writing. It is a great idea to keep writing/language simple... And remember to ask others' opinion on the writing to see how it comes off to them. You are doing both: The language is clear/direct AND you're asking for feedback, so good job....


As far as the buttons are concerned, I would suggest something like the attachment. I am not aware of the complete scenario though.


It keeps the icons in a single column when the eye scans down from the app icon. A user familiar with the icons can easily scan down to find the right selection. They are not forced to scan to the far right (in the case of the second example) to find their selection.


The answer depends on how central location is for the service. In this case, online classifieds, it is likely to be highly localized information. Where the showing is, where the seller is, where the business is... distance from the reader to the advertiser is often critical. Thus a separate UI element that more clearly delineates the location of the ...


The problem with left or right align vs top is related to searching for an item inside a list and correlation to the nearest item. Example: a user visually scans/searches for a telephone number inside a form and usually scans through the list of Field Names and after finding "Phone Number" he looks to the nearest value. So in this case, having the Field ...


The layout of the form depends on the purpose of the form and users (who is going to fill it) 1st option is towards the traditional approach and will take comparatively less time to be filled. As you have provided the right amount of spaces between each input box and the size of main action button i.e SIGN UP is not distracted by t&c. 2nd option: ...

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