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I second your initial thought. Use the arrows. As for your concern over "moving the carrot in the text field" you can use Javascript to actively shift the focus to the multi-column navigation once it senses the down key. The user can click back on the field in order to regain the use of the arrows on the field. Just my 2 cents. :)


From Tog himself Not that any of the above True Facts will stop the religious wars. And, in fact, I find myself on the opposite side in at least one instance, namely editing. By using Command X, C, and V, the user can select with one hand and act with the other. Two-handed input. Two-handed input can result in solid productivity gains (Buxton 1986). It ...


I believe the primary reason for browser tabbing through elements is for keyboard/non pointer device users. How would these users navigate out of code area if traditional browser tab functionality was taken away? Would it be possible to use a key combination along with the tab key to insert tabs? (alt+tab?) Obviously the solution would need to be ...

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