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You could take a page out of desktop ergonomics and go for a split keyboard. It looks like iOS has beat you to this concept for touch screens, at least for the iPad. If you're lucky though, they won't sue you. If you're very lucky, they haven't even patented it.


As long as you keep the placements of the numbers unchanged, it should be fine. besides the aesthetics, don't change anything else. Users are used to using numeric key pads in their daily activities like phones, atms, access numbers, etc and are VERY used to the standard numeric keypad layout.


The closest I know to what you're looking for is Material Design UI Kit and Android Lollipop UI Kit Sketch Resource, both of them made by Ivan Bjelajac, but I doubt you'll find something with all possible states, so if you're in the mood for doing it, I'd say go on and do it!

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