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There were several versions of BIOS (Basic Input Output Systems) that came on motherboards in the 1990s and 2000s that had an option to choose when to resume. These systems usually had an entry named "Resume From S3", and allowed you to select from several options, such as "any key," "power key," or "wake key." However, in all cases, there were other ...


I think it's one of those things where you provide an obvious button that everyone could find to wake-up their computer. However, as you mention and probably most people now know is that you can in fact use different triggers to wake up your computer. Perhaps this was added because somebody assumed that this would be the what novice users would do, but than ...


*In the early sixties I took a year out of university and got a job in the internal audit department at the head office of a large insurance company in Toronto. A substantial part of my job involved using an electromechanical calculator to check figures submitted by various departments. The keyboard layout was identical to present computer layouts as well ...


I've used PCs since the 1990's and never used the Scroll Lock key. I didn't know what it was for. Until the mild trouble in my right shoulder and neck, from 20 years of mousing, became so bad I had to get relief. I ended up with a keyboard that has a touch pad. The touch pad has a scroll bar on the right side that attempts to take the place of the wheel. ...


A message near the mouse cursor that says "You can [tab] to move between fields!" would at least get the message out. It could fade after a few seconds and only appear once to minimize distraction.


Scroll lock is still commonly used with KVM switches. It's a handy key to switch between devices.

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