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My last computer came with a keyboard which had cut / copy / paste keys and this was incredibly useful - I used them all of the time; much less cumbersome than Cntl C / V. When the keys became faded I searched in vain for a replacement and eventually found one on Ebay that was an unused identical one to the one I had. Unfortunately when I upgraded my ...


How did this come about? In 2005 this was implemented on Mozilla Firefox for the following reasons: The backspace key was mapped to the browser ‘Back’ function in Mozilla for consistency with Internet Explorer. However, to improve consistency with other applications running on Linux, it was decided that this mapping should be optional—and set ...


That feature is inherited from windows explorer feature, that migrated to Internet Explorer and then to other browsers. It became a de facto standard, due that most computers had Windows and Internet Explorer


I don't know how it started but I can add my two cents about what ALL my clients say: $%!$% what the @$#%#% just happened? Why did the page change? Now I have to fill in that form all over again. I would love to see this go away for good, and the first thing I do when building a form laden website is the following jQuery script: var hasfocus = 'false'; ...

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