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In slither you don't really need two buttons. You can set d for this. Odd d causes LMB down. Even d + LMB up or RMB press. Then you can use wersfxcv for direction and d for acceleration.


You might need ARIA attributes to make your panel behave like a drop-down field (which is essentially what you are simulating with your filter panel). Alternatively just use a standard html drop-down field instead of a panel (i.e. select & option elements). Why make this more complicated for you or your user? Using a drop-down would mean you get all the ...


Just refer the google inbox for web on providing the shortcut, you will get better idea. They have consolidated all shortcut to a modal page. It's easy to understand, the way they placed the shortcut list is clear and easy to scan. ( we don't read the text, but we scan - cognitive process of scanning text) Refer the attached screenshot for more info


Tab is for switching between elements, not selecting different items within the same element. I think this is why the problem arises. Your element is similar to a drop-down list. Typically tab would allow you to select that list, but not iterate through the items in the list. Using the same key for both selecting and iterating through a control results ...

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