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There's not any official standard I know of. The following link looks pretty comprehensive as far as listing existing applications. http://allhotkeys.com/ Shortcuts really depend on the software application you are developing... Windows, Unix, browser, etc...


This article might help. 47 Keyboard Shortcuts That Work in All Web Browsers


In Illustrator and Balsamiq (i know, they are not scientific tools) the clone action is Ctrl+D (on Win, on Mac it's Cmd+D). While in Illustrator it's actually "repeat transformation". But you can use it for sort of "cloning". D can stand for "duplicate". So probably instead of labeling the action "clone", you could label it "duplicate" and put Ctrl+D as ...


Good question, typically, in most applications these shortcuts are used with tabulated/object-oriented frameworks. A good example of this is Chrome and how pressing ⌘ + n will open a new window. As such, it would be best to replicate this very same functionality. ⌘ + 1 is used to change to the first tab in chrome. As such, try and replicate this as well. ...

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