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If you define keyboard shortcuts, allow users to change them. I've seen many apps do this, and it covers you for almost any unforeseen conflict. You could also give users the choice to disable any or all shortcuts.


As @PixelSnader said you can't unless you are willing to map all the shortcut keys used in all the apps ever. And coming up with obscure key combinations or re-using common key combinations is not recommended, unless: In rare cases, it is acceptable to redefine a common keyboard shortcut. For example, if users spend most of their time in your app, it can ...


You can't, not absolutely and not reasonably. It's impossible to ensure that no other app can use the same shortcut. You can use a very obscure combination (Cmd+F7+P) to minimize the chances anothe app shares it, but that's hardly practical. Instead we should just follow OS and general app guidelines. That means just using ctrl-N, and letting the OS decide ...

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