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You are trying to imitate adding and removing weights to a bar. On a touch device, you can do precisely that. Just drag them on and off the bar: You can enhance this in many ways, but I think that as the main concept, it doesn't get simpler than this. UPDATE following OP update 1 - Not much that can be done about that... If it's a web app, it needs a ...


If there's the possibility of very long titles I would have them left aligned and not in a title bar (to allow line breaks). Update: Just checked amazon.com and they do it exactly like that: Hope that helps.


One of the fundament parts of smart phones is swipe gestures. This is especially with photos. Where as people will understand what you've done it will feel very much like a desktop site that's been fitted onto a mobile. There's easy enough jquery swipe plugins to use: http://stage.api.jquerymobile.com/swipe/ or http://stephband.info/jquery.event.swipe/


A jQuery based select list should be a good choice. For example, check this page. Here you will not even need to make the field read-only, any unmatched values entered in the field will be cleared when the focus of cursor shifts from the field. Another option would be to make this an input box, and fetch matching results when the users starts typing. ...


I will go for such a solution. If there is nested elements - give a visual cue. If not - bypass Hope that it helps.


My first recommendation would be to make sure using a carousel for your content type is the right idea. I say this because user interaction with carousels is typically extremely low. Auto-rotating carousels have slightly higher interaction numbers, but not much. So if you're placing important content within the carousel...be sure it's on the first "slide". ...


I would suggest hiding the arrows and allowing users to use gestures, or dividing the image into 2 halfs and the right half would behave as right arrow would. If you want to keep the arrows you have to remember to make them bigger so it would be easy to click on mobile devices. Also I would suggest to move away from carousels much more studies have been ...


Since what I built must work in a Mobile Web Browser (for now at least), I could not use the the most popular answer. Instead, I created a standard calculator interface: It's quick and removes vertical scrolling.


Yes it can. Take a look at Sencha Touch. The example below is from my iPhone in Safari (HTML5 app).

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