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It's not a bootstrap functionality, the new input types are part of the HTML5 specification. You can see an example of they working here. The message that pops out is from the browser, and you can see that it changes from one browser to another, as you can see below (sorry for the messages in portuguese): Google Chrome: Firefox: Note that the new ...


If I'm interpreting you correctly, you can do this with jQuery. Once you've installed it, add a click event to each row that toggles a "selected" class: $(document).on('click', 'tr', function(event){$(event.target).toggleClass('selected');}) If you have different "odd" and "even" classes for every other row, you CSS should look like this: .odd{ ...


Have you thought about a simple border for selection? Here is a simple example: jsfiddle


I am not a big fan of alternating background colors between rows. White space and visual grouping should do the trick in most cases. In your case, I would use a lower contrast between the background colors. Use just enough so that the eye notices the change. As far as selection, I don't see anything wrong with using a different background color, a stronger ...

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