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D3.JS does not have built in visualization types. If something doesn't exist you can always create it, and if something doesn't do exactly what you want to do it can be modified. You don't want to pick something that is "close enough" -- if a user is expecting a Gantt chart, a bullet chart (for example) will only cause confusion. If the visualization you're ...


NumericBox control is it called in Windows, although the visual is really a box, but the swipe interaction is part of that control. Source: http://www.telerik.com/windows-8/numeric-textbox-html Where might make sense to search: Autodesk uses these swipe/scroll sensitive controls and they use Vault API and DevExpress frameworks for their UI.


You answered your own question! :) I think you should allow users to sign up without JavaScript. Users want an easy experience, they don't want to follow steps like how to enable JavaScript - they just want to sign up, do want they need to do and they're done. It's simply too much work to enable JavaScript. So I think the solution you gave in your answer ...

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