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You have three options here (listed in order of growing complexity & amount of functionality): Top navigation in the header/breadcrumbs works fine for monofunctional app with two-level navigation. Bottom menu for cases with 3-5 main functions or pages Sidebar that slides from the left on tap by the hamburger icon. For complex apps with many ...


This is not only bad UX as Devin stated, this also (most likely) won't be accepted by Apple. So the best thing to do for you is ask on stackoverflow or any other coding site for some implementation help. See the App Store Review Guidelines Apps that artificially increase the number of impressions or click-throughs of ads will be rejected or Apps ...


When presenting multiple options on mobile, width is often the first hurdle you'll run into. Consider a grid structure of 2 columns, and each button having an icon that expands more information below it (with a drawer-like effect). - You will also need to make sure there is a gutter between the 2 items to avoid too many miss-taps, as well as sufficient ...


Well I suspect placing an ad bar in a location traditionally reserved for navigation means you will get a lot more accidental clicks on the ad bar. If that is your intention, it's certainly a dark pattern. If you want to provide a good UX then I would recommend against it.

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