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How about a phone that just knows it is in the users hand based on bio-metrics and make this whole argument go away.


I'll stay away from the "general opinion" on this pattern and try to answer your question on if it is suitable. As pictured in the Yelp app, the items that "pop out" (Check In, Review, Photo) do not seem like sequential steps (if they are, it is not well represented.) It is also my understanding that they do not all need to be completed. Those are "Big" ...


Although the usage of bottom bars is encouraged, it doesn't seem like you would need them for your application. A 'plus' icon at the top right would serve as an add button. A delete could be implemented by swiping the item to the side. You could replace the more button in the image below to share instead. You could always display a short tutorial to ...


According to Apple's official iOS Human Interface Guidelines, page 147, "A toolbar always appears at the bottom edge of a screen or view on an iPhone". Therefore, I would recommend following their recommendations.


Friend or Follow is a serious design choice where you need to look at your app objective to see what task the app is supposed to do. It is possible to use friend only, follow only or both. Which design to implement depends on strategy of the app. Friend usually need to be accepted by both parties to be acknowledged. It’s expected to be more private and ...


Most modern default mobile browsers support tabs in such a way that would mirror the current workflow of your existing desktop users. I would take another look at developing a mobile site rather then an app. I understand the desire to keep users inside your app, but your users may have the expectation that clicking links will take them to the browser, ...

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