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Like with most questions like this, the tl;dr is: It depends. The correct navigational pattern is largely contingent upon three things: App structure (IA) Leaf page functionality (IxD) Desire to enforce prioritization by the product team (Organizational) App structure If your app is structured such that you can support fewer than 5 first-tier leaf ...


In order to answer your own question, ask yourself how this UI works and dig deeper into what's being communicated to the user. What does each row do? The rows' function(s) should dictate their appearance. Are they clickable? Do they do something in the same page or link elsewhere? If they are clickable and navigate to a new page, you might want to ...


I made a comment about precentages. you could attempt to do something similar to this: do NOT make this design. it has many flaws and should not be replicated on a real app, its just to show how big UI elements that take up a fixed range on the screen can look good

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