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As an example, I will mention about Kik Messenger. Kik Messenger shows all the 3 states of a message Sent (Sent from your phone & it has been recieved on Kik's server Delivered (Kik server has successfully sent your message to recipient's phone, i.e Recipient has received your message) Read (The Recipient has read your message) Kik Messenger App ...


I would not rely on colors alone for accessibility reasons, nor would I recommend WhatsApp ticks because not self-explanatory. Apple do a good job in that they write Read below the last message. This method is definitely the easier to understand for everybody but has the "disadvantage" of having to be localized. Also, two states should suffice: Delivered ...


BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) uses a similar indicator to WhatsApp but it is a little clearer as to what is meant: Sent messages get a tick Delivered messages get a 'D' next to the tick Read/seen messages get a 'R' next to the tick in place of the 'D' Page 6 of their PDF user guide gives examples of the icons


How to properly indicate that a chat message is sent-received-seen? light icon, for example a pidgeon: message is on the way to the server dark icon, for example a check: message has arrived at the server whatever happens next, if mails are read, when they are read, is the receivers business I know a lot of apps do that, but if this read ...


Telling a user that their message has been received by the target device isn't really as meaningful in a human sense as telling them that someone read their message. Can your chat app tell if a message has been seen by a user? For example, if you know that the application has this screen open on the target device, you can reasonable assume that the message ...


I think you should give a display of all of the days and the times of the notifications for each day. Group this list into 2 groups (one group for each week), then the times (AM/PM) beside each day should be clickable so they can be changed individually. This way they act as a status of the time set and as an actual control that is clickable. When tapped ...


I'm not sure why, but this is one of the only meaningful discussions I can find for this. My take on this is that the app-centric approach is a symptom of efforts to lock users into a company's ecosystem. The app-centric framework makes it difficult to take content to a different platform, therby

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