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I go with the previous answer. Educate your users before they get to the page. I suggest that a simplish way to do this is to use a basic PHP script, which doesn't get blocked by IE. If you want the full script you'd have to go to StackOverflow, but here's a basic run-down: Page is requested Check for query string (?visited=true) If it's there, the user ...


I would approach this in a slightly different fashion. Users are going to a page and would expect the content to be there on that page. It's a poor experience if they are prevented from doing so because of the system limitations (which is not the users fault.) My suggestion would be to try briefly educate users with a either a modal window (with pictures ...


How about combining Total and Sum as a single field? Like this download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups The input field for the selected item gets enabled. The other option is disabled. You'll probably need to come up with a better label than "totalling method" though.

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