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Do think about whether showing the range is a useful addition. I've never seen a range of ratings displayed like that, so make sure your specific case justifies it. (edit: it turns out displaying ranges was indeed not a good solution to the original problem, so A.K.'s answer makes more sense in that context, but the answer below still applies if that's what ...


If you stick to graphic control to set the range, displaying numbers inside the segments will help you. They are convey the idea of the set, rather than single value. Of cousre, test this UI. UPDATE after question was edited According to your edit, I doubt using the range is the best mean. Range is mostly understood as the elements within ...


Instead of ranges I would use checkboxes (or something similar which looks like less an element of a form) to display the availability of the different qualities of products: download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups This idea is close to the one at the end of the answer from Alexey Kolchenko.

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