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Make the three options more obvious to the user Have you considered adding a specific screen with the three installation options, each explained in a brief paragraph? This way the user will have a clear idea that three options are available, choose a suitable one, and browse the info (just as you're showing it, without tabs) on the next screen with a "Back" ...


The entire experience of getting users into a new application and familiar with how to use it is referred to as "User Onboarding." This process can include tutorials, how-to graphics & animations, or buttons & notifications pointing out new features. This is often a first-time/one-time thing, but users can usually access the content through a ...


I think JeromeR has covered quite a few names for the button. We used "Get me started" for our website. The particular behaviour is often called "Web Tour" or "Guided Tour". Related JS plugin links - Bootstrap Tour , IntroJS


The name of that button could be anything appropriate to the users you're addressing. it could be: New here? Show me Take a tour Important 3 quick things and so on. A related question you might want to ask is this: What is the name of this process of welcoming and user-instruction? This concept has a name: first experiences. First experiences ...

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