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You could indicate lines separately. Also, you could try showing a visual marker for lines to indicate there are only 10 lines of space. Here is a quick sketch -


There are a lot of different considerations involved when you are talking about the 'best way' for a user to enter a value, especially when you have many fields and many line items to enter. So rather than to provide an answer, here are some factors that you should take into consideration: Are you aiming for accuracy or speed because what you gain in ...


In order to allow data to be entered quickly, I would recommend allowing keyboard input, much like an Excel spreadsheet. Pressing enter or tab should advance to the next box to reduce the need for the user to switch between keyboard and mouse. I would however recommended including up/down buttons in the "goals" and "assists" boxes, to make it easy to ...


Like JDanniel Pacheco, i think the best solution would be to group the possible options. But I would go for something like this: Additionally, you can let the user maybe enter the filter themselves like:

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