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Don't leave fields blank When a field is blank, the user has no indication that the blank space is intentional (and not a page/widget error). It's for the same reason that publishers print intentionally blank notices in books to avoid user confusion: The presentation in your screenshot (using the - indicator) works fine from a usability perspective. ...


Ticked and delivery address folded or greyed/disabled. Because: "Most of the subscriptions are for digital products. However, a few of them may have a print included in the package and we would need a delivery in this case" Most users don't need it - don't show it. Show it only on demand or make it obvious as optional. It makes your form more convenient, ...


I see that those file types can be classified as text or image files, so it'd be recommended to offer the option to select all the files of one type just with a click. Also it provides better organization (even better if you order them by most used or alphabetically). If the user wants to select by file type, the max amount of clicks needed is 1 so it ...


I would suggest looking into a few of these design guides. Googles Material Design: http://www.google.com/design/spec/material-design/introduction.html Bootstrap: http://getbootstrap.com/ Either one is going to give you 'clean' web ready out of the box.

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