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Microsoft Access had a reasonable attempt at a simple database query UI by producing a visual version of "Query by Example" It has a more natural and boolean language from that IIRC download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups


This one tested well with both the technical and non-technical users and can generate pretty much any possible database query... The benefits are that it's very clear and a user can drag and drop (or delete) any expression or group of expressions in the tree. The down side is how much space it consumes.


Here's an interface for composing boolean logic. A Few Thoughts The interface starts out simple If it gets complicated, it's because the user built it step by step No editing or drag/drop - just creating and deleting branches Conditions are a simple dropdown in this example, but could be more complicated or possibly negated Ambiguity As an aside, ...


First, auxiliary lines of the legend are a great help. Vertical: in your exemplary case I wouldn't bother about vertical lines, since the step is pretty clear — it's 0.5, but if you look at the Dow Jones chart, you can see they could be really helpful for the user to follow the days. With candlesticks chart vertical lines of legend can interfere with ...


Tufte has spent his entire career on this topic. If you're not familiar with Tufte, you should be: http://www.edwardtufte.com/tufte/ But note that what he talks about (visualizing data) is not necessarily the same thing as the 'infographic internet trend' of the past 4 years or so. The latter rarely has anything to do with meaningful data communication and ...


Funnily enough, here is an infographic on why info-graphics are successful in todays web space, with some actual statistics behind it: http://neomam.com/interactive/13reasons/ However in summary they are utilized extensively because: Infographics are simple (no danger of information overload) Infographics are visually appealing (more appealing so more ...


A recent (2013) paper from the information visualization community looked at a related problem, namely: "What makes a visualization memorable?" They reasoned that: "knowing what makes a visualization memorable is a step towards answering higher level questions like "What makes a visualization engaging?" or "What makes a visualization effective?" ...

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