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Look at the gestalt laws on wikipedia. Inclosure is the thing to go for! (EDIT) Using the "Laws" of gestalt, especially inclosure, which states that things in an enclosure belongs together. This principle applies to the number of boxes shown on the screen in question. The screen affords scrolling, but inclose the boxes you show on screen within a rectangle ...


Visual cues can suggest there aren't more elements and that the complete "page" is visible and can't be scrolled. download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups The inner rectangle groups the 6 items, suggesting a singular group, a panel that fills the viewport. The space above the top item and below bottom item show that there ...


Most of the people scroll-down because of a huge amount of websites and apps that are using it more and more. I would use some typography and i would add on some distance from the bottom. Maybe something like a footer. but i still think the average user is used to scroll "by default"


For a simple solution to try: use a half-width, centered HR tag (or mobile equivalent) at the bottom and see whether your users continue to scroll up and down.


You are right, it's a natural thing to scroll down when you see a list with an arbitrary number of items. If 6 is not arbitrary, then make sure your users are not expecting more or less. On the other hand, there is no harm in scrolling up or down, the user quickly discovers that the entire list is on the screen and gets used to it. You can help that by ...

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