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This does bubble up a few questions: Why does a list of items need a copyright sign? It's meant for the articles (or whatever the site is about) and not the list, so why not just place it with the articles only. Why do terms of use, privacy policy, copyright etc. always have to be in a footer? My answer is to use the copyright sign only where it is ...


Users don't care about legal footers. Only lawyers do. If you are working on a user-focused UI, put a link to legal information somewhere else. If you are working on a truly user-focused product, fire the lawyers.


I suggest pushing for a more meaningful call to action in a fixed position bar. I've seen various websites using infinite scrolling and I've never noticed prioritizing the legal aspect of the footer. It surprises me they want to prioritize legal information. However, if there's user test results suggesting that the legal pages are visited often, this ...

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