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If that drop down menu is a list of articles, your best option is to stop using it. Menus like that exist for more permanent navigation options. (Home, About, Contact Us, etc) A better option is to list your most recent articles from a location on the main page with either a synopsis or a short extract from the article. Although more frequently on blogs, ...


Number fields should not always be right-aligned It often makes sense to right-align numbers when they are being compared to other number fields (e.g. in financial statements). This can help comparability and scannability. However, sometimes number fields are unrelated or are mixed with text fields in a form, so left-alignment may promote better visual ...


Whether numbers should be left aligned vs. right aligned (vs. decimal aligned) is based on the context they are being used in. Since that can change, there's no 'correct' default.


I see two issues off the top of my head with right aligning text in an input type ="number" When the number selector is not visible it looks quite strange with the number awkwardly floating a bit off from the right. When there is a number already filled in, and you want to add more digits to it, you have to click in the small margin between the last ...


As with a lot of UX questions, the answer is 'it depends'. Numbers are right aligned because it makes them easier to compare. In an input field however, you may be entering numbers where it makes sense to compare, or you may not. Because you can't say with confidence, it makes more sense to left-align numbers by default than to right align.

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