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Ceefin's answer makes a very good point. By focusing too much on the details you can overlook what actually matters about UX, which is what the user experiences. And there's no more frustrating experience than a form that asks a simple question, then doesn't let you answer it. This kind of over-validation is horribly common with postal addresses-- I've ...


A clearly defined label stating what input is required by the user should prevent the problem of max length of the input field. There may well be people over the age of 99 using the internet now, so perhaps max length should be 3


I feel that the best solution would be to use a watermark (gray text in an input when it's empty) with the text 0-99. This clearly states that: Input has to be a number The range is from 0 to 99 There are even ready-made solutions for this, like jquery-watermark.


Make sure that the user can use any kind of input; mouse or keyboard (or touch for that matter). And through visual hints like: The width of the input field A representative-icon on the left side of the input field A placeholdertext/icon Possible (i)-icon on the right with hover-info Visually wrapping input boxes in a container You should be able to help ...

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