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As this source suggests, this is the recommended markup: <map title="Breadcrumbs"> <a href="/">Home</a> > <a href="/foo">Foo</a> > <a href="/bar">Bar</a> </map> The links are part of the G65, which states: Breadcrumb trails are implemented using links to the Web pages... The ...


The idea of showing the item in your list is good - having it disappear or not labeled as "Discontinued" would be jarring and confusing. Using the disabled style sounds fine. The product selector should be easily found from looking at the discontinued line item, and the discontinued item shouldn't be listed in the product selector.


In all other cases, when the product is discontinued, do you plan to show it in the selector? I would advise against it. You are talking about a case where use has an un-submitted order of a product that is discontinued. I am assuming the errors are shown to the user when user goes to interact with that particular order (either save/submit it). I would go ...

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