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1. Limit inputs to things that are required It should be very clear to your users why they are being asked to input anything on a form. I assume you are already doing this and there are still just too many inputs that different users may want to use on your very large form. In that case, consider putting all required inputs up top and then grouping ...


That NNGroup article was, even back then, completely outdated and rather uninformed … HTML über alles. The biggest Pros of PDF are: • the integrity of contents: all needed resources are part of the document, and the integrity can be assured by applying a digital signature to the document. • the integrity of presentation: the way the document appears is ...


Good for maintaining a precise formatting (for printing) That's really the sole benefit online. And is really what PDFs were designed for in the first place. Alas, that's usually not a major benefit in general if the goal is to disseminate information online. Can be easily saved/copied/etc because it's in one file True, though it's fairly easy to ...


Along with the pro's you mentioned, here are some more PDF's enable offline access to secured content PDF's can be used for forms which can be filled offline (e.g. i-9 ) which are required to be in a specific format. With regards to cons, here are the obvious ones Some PDF's can be very large which use up the users data or delay him considerably PDF's ...


I like the way Facebook and other show lists of people. A possibility would be: No selection: One city selected: Two cities: More than two: Hover to see selection without opening (maybe with something more elegant than a title attribute): *Finally, if all options are checked:


After selection change the label od a dropdown from 'cities' to '2 cities selected'. This will give user info about two things: something is selected + quick recall of what could be inside.

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