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A fairly standard method of indicating "extra information available" is with a dashed or dotted underline. This may change the cursor to a "Help" cursor, which might look something like this: ...which would allow a click to bring up additional information. One method I use is a dotted underline with a popup on mouseover, which (with some styling) looks ...


If it is going to provide an additional information about that field you can use underlined text with some nice color. Also using chevron right icon at the very end of each row for particular field will be a good option. It will allow user to understand that there is more on click.


If data is important for the users to know, I suggest you not to use hover. Use a modal with the details. And if you want user to click place a text down the table "Click on items to view more info." Text can be put on hover also but on hover he couldn't able copy text, say if he wants to do for some reason. You can also use a small icon of "i" for more ...


Before getting to the solution, some clarification on the question. Asking "How the user likes the hidden content styling" is pretty broad. Hidden content could represent: Accordions - Showing content after some action Tabs - Showing content after some action Popovers, Tooltips etc... Each are meant for a type of functionality like: Type 1 - Showing ...

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