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A dotted underline can also indicate that the mouse should hover (whereas a solid line means to click). This is the approach taken by the <abbr></abbr> tag in HTML. To get a dotted underline you can use the following CSS: [element] { text-decoration: none; border-bottom: 1px solid #000; } Obligatory JSFiddle.


I would personally opt for making each profile item click-able and in the column header you can write something like: Profile (click a profile to view settings) And now inside the popover() you can show the details. Hover is not 100% accessible across all platforms.


Add an info icon next to the name and display a popup, on hover or click, to display any extra information. Scott


You're pretty accurate already, yes. If you have an obvious distinct :hover state then you should replicate that for your :focus. The :focus is the most important one though, so make sure that exists in a clear style. Bear in mind that with the hover state, the user is (probably) visually following the cursor so is likely to already be looking at the item ...

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