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Do hover states on tables which already use zebra striping add any value? Google has a Table Chart. Here's their example you can take a look at: https://developers.google.com/chart/interactive/docs/gallery/table#Example I think that's what you mean? In addition to digsrafik - It's good to assist the user to focus on the row they are looking at. ...


In case your app is highly based on tables and selecting (many) items, hover states make sense to differ the selected and hovered one. Or you can keep striping for selected items too with transparency. In general this dynamic behavior (highlight on hover) makes the recognition of line easier (is more obvious).


Only mice input has hover. Keyboard input does not. Touch devices do not. We all use touch devices now. Don't rely on hover.


Use hover, but don't make your UI depend on it as: it doesn't work on touch devices if used to reveal actions, those actions are effectively hidden away from the user hover is not accessible to all users (it requires patience; ability to exactly position the mouse) it's totally uncommon to activate items on hover, no matter how convenient that may seem ...


In general - don't use hover to engage actions! Hover can be used to show subtle graphical cues like highlighting a button to show that it's possible to interact with it, or to show a tool tip. Users can get frustrated if actions are engaged just by hovering since it's not a standard way of doing it. And (as stated in the comments) - hover doesn't exists in ...


The feature you're looking for is called (by Microsoft) the "Color hot-track". As described by Raymond Chen in this MSDN blog article: Some people ask how it's done. It's really nothing special. The code just looks for the predominant color in the icon. (And, since visual designers are sticklers for this sort of thing, black, white, and shades of ...

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