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Placeholder If it's feasible to have your help text only show when the field is empty, you can use placeholder text. Top-right corner (or left, as already suggested) Seeing as your textarea takes up the entire width of the column, the top-right corner is also an appropriate choice. If applicable and if space permits, you can add supplementary help text ...


Adding just an icon may fail to serve the purpose. You can easily find through the stats from the server logs on how many user actually clicked on "Help" for the purpose of it's existence. It is always recommended to let the user know what he is going to do in short rather hiding it totally. You may use the pattern as stated by Arkuen after a threshold when ...


Have you considered placing it immediately after the textarea title? That way, it's immediately visible to the user if they are confused. ("Description? What exactly does that entail?")


The Dreyfus model assumes that the person is focused on learning. Software users are task oriented. A novice user will muddle through until they can complete exactly what they wanted to accomplish with the system. They are not focused on learning to use the system, just on completing the task. They don't look for better / more efficient ways of completing a ...

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