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I agree with Dipak, DesignerAnalyst and Jasmin Javia. However, I don't think any of them have mentioned that you should provide some sort of search functionality, especially because you have a long list of FAQs.


The FAQ purpose, which is to help users efficiently and effectively use your site, should guide your decision how many and what questions to include. Ommit obvious or trivial questions and include questions that : help users build a correct mental model of your site help them avoid costly mistakes help them perform a task much more quickly prevent ...


From my perspective, FAQ doesn't affect perception of site because it is just to give clear information related to service provide by the site.If it is possible to shorten the answer as much as possible then there will be no issue having many FAQs. If site is providing service at large scale then it is better approach to clear the difficulties of the user. ...


Do they affect perception? No. In fact, the user will be grateful to see that you care. Think about it; who comes to your FAQ page? The users who really want to complete something but are not able to do so. And that visitors number would be less compared to those who complete the tasks without any issue - as you are stating that the website is easy to use. ...

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