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I would rarely recommend "dynamic help", if I understand your explanation correctly: Popping up additional information on every field while the user goes through the form will likely create so much noise that the user is distracted from his main task (filling in the form). A use case where "dynamic help" might be of help is very low frequency (once a year) ...


Is it possible for you to track the answers that are most frequently being viewed? That would help in informing what sorts of questions users are searching the answer for most frequently. Additionally, it would help inform what part of the product needs to be improved in order to increase usability.


As the W3C page says, the cursor means "help is available". Since it is contextual (it has to be, since it's directly attached to the mouse cursor and therefore is representational of whatever the cursor is pointing at), there are essentially two possibilities: The help is immediately shown along with the cursor (for example in the form of a tool tip), in ...

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