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It's a good combination of skills! UX + coder is an extremely desireable profile here in San Francisco. There a number of reasons for this: Modern app development is a lot less siloed than it used to be, with small sprint and scrum teams operating cross functionally and following the life cycle of a product from conception through design and ...


Most systems do already have failure warnings in place - the trouble is that they can't tell is something is about to fail until it does and, even when they do know that something's wrong, they can't tell if it's going to be a problem to you or not. The failures you described sound like the power supply has died. If that is the case then the CPU will have ...


If you're interested in UX in a more holistic way (and not just in usability), you might consider using the AttrakDiff scale (http://attrakdiff.de/index-en.html) or the User Experience Questionnaire (http://www.ueq-online.org/). Although both questionnaires were developed in academia, they are fully applicable in practice.

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