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Simply put, HCI (Human Computer Interaction) is basically the way humans interact with a computer and usability is determined by how easily user is able to learn and accomplish a task while interacting with the computer via its UI. If the UI is not usable, the cognitive load on the user is high, the user might end up not using it at all.


Usability is the practice of taking human performance, human cognition, and collaborative group dynamics for maximizing the ease-of-use of a system. That system can be a human-computer, human-machine, human-human, or any additional combination of human(s)-thing(s). The field has its origins in the 1960's and 1970's of Human Factors Engineering, and has ...


The general name of this technique is the "Infinite Width" element. According to the Fitts' Law, there are two parameters which affects the time of reaching a target: a distance, and a width: Actually, the tabs in full-screen Chrome have infinite height, so you can use more specific name of the technique: "Infinite Height". Still, the "Infinite ...

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