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I guess as per the new material design guidelines, they even some dimensions about the same. I hope you were looking for the same.


Not always In the early days of waterfall-driven, formal development the answer would have been yes, because slow, formal development cycles and "open-loop", shipped installed-software products meant the cost of reworking UX was very high. These days, development cycles tend to be iterative and can range from very slow to very fast. Some examples: For ...


Yes, for one very simple reason. It helps your team formalise a point of view. Even if the documentation isn't used by everyone, the process of creating it makes you and your team build an opinion and point of view which helps you in anything longer than a few months ahead. Remember that the frameworks you use to execute design like bootstrap were not your ...


Yes they are, at least for me. Just based on environment (project, company, specific product) I pick the subset of the frameworks/tools. I am the first one to apply them and introduce them as the whys behind the design to the rest of the team. The rest is teaching and tweaking based on collected feedback from the whole ecosystem. Starting with a few ...

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