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This page on the developer.android.com website shows that Lollipop now has a marketshare of 5.4% over all Android versions. According to this page, material design will work on Android 5.0 (API 21) or higher only. That said, it would not be smart to focus on such a small group only. What you can do is check the current API level of the user's phone, and ...


If it's a website that has a lot of products in many categories, showing the category is a good way to help the user find what they are looking for. Example: when a user is searching for: game of thr Game of thrones in books Game of thrones in DVDs Game of thrones in eBooks Game of thrones Game of throubles Game of three and so on..


A key strength of Material design is that it is defined from abstract principles downwards. While specification does include definition of components, it is (a) not prescriptive, and most importantly (b) there is enough mid-level and high-level guidance that a designer can create a new component that fits in with the other Material design components. ...


Provided the control can be styled and made to behave within the guidelines of material style and consistent behaviour, I'd say use it. I get the impression that the Material Design guidelines are largely concerned with how an app appears and behaves, and doesn't necessarily prescribe a narrow list of controls you can choose from. In cases where you want ...

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