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Guidelines are just that: guidelines. They guide the development of your application, they do not make all of the decisions about your application. They document the best thinking about design at the time that the guidelines were written. They help you make a better application by focusing your time and attention on the decisions that matter to your ...


It will be better if it mateches with the UI. Its a good UX. For example, when I use Photoshop extensions or plugins, it comes with their own UI, Which makes me think that accidently I opened a different application. If you follow the same UI design guidlines that will sync with the application.


Numbers in a table should be formatted so that digits with the same significance are stacked vertically. While this is often described as "right alignment" or "decimal alignment", there's another scenario I've not seen mentioned: values which sometimes include fractions. For example, if one is listing the dimensions of some components, which column is ...

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