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Why not let the user decide? I'd simply have a toggle that enables/disables the auto repeat feature. I see two use cases: Someone is wanting a quick review of things that they have just learned (autorepeat is not really needed) Someone is learning new vocabulary and needs to absorb the nuances of each sign (autorepeat is very useful) I believe it would ...


A 1 or 2 seconds video is really short; and looping it will make it look like it is stuttering. I suggest create a longer video showing the sign 2, 3 times; with different camera angles (if possible). have a repeat/replay button easily accessible.


From personal experience, I can comfortably watch a 2 second gif repeatedly, if and only if the transition from end to start is quite smooth. If you are working with computer generated models: Perhaps the hands could return to the default position after they finish. If you are working with content you can't influence: Perhaps you can add a fade out of the ...


Do not have the video on repeat by default; if a repeat option is offered to the user or if the sign is repeated within the video itself, make sure it's completely obvious when the sign starts and when it ends. Some signs repeat parts of the sign. Do not confuse users into thinking a sign must be repeated by repeating it.


Avoid having a jump cut from the end of the video to the start without anything to indicate that's what's happening. Starting with a freeze-frame and a caption, then letting the animation play, and then having a freeze-frame which dissolves quickly (e.g. 0.1 second) back to the first freeze-frame+caption combo will make it very clear where the loop is, and ...


To restate what others have said: There's nothing wrong with looping but Don't do a hard loop. Have an in-between. Idea 1: Run the 2 sec video and hold on the last frame. Quick cross fade to a text sign "Boat.", for 2 seconds. Quick cross back to the first frame of the video. Run the vid - repeat. Idea 2: Run the 2 sec video. Hold on the last frame. ...

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