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My summary what was implemented (client's decision): All resources inside every group have some expected utilization. User has to divide that number among the resources in this dialog: download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups "Remains" is the amount of required work decreased by already divided amount in resource fields. ...


What I ended up going with was a sidebar with the full list of items, and then in the content section of the page there's a list of the selected items with a type-ahead at the top which is connected to the sidebar list for the users who would rather type the items they want. I greyed out the selected items in the sidebar and the "Remove" button for each item ...


Here is a very well implemented multi select dropdown much like the one you mocked up. jQuery Rain | ParamQuery Select : jQuery Multi Select Plugin Features: ParamQuery select a.k.a. pqSelect is an open source jQuery select plugin that converts ordinary multiple and single select lists created with and HTML tags into theme ready jQueryUI widget with ...


As myself and others have mentioned recently, a good way to intuitively represent and modify percentages is a vertical bar chart with sliders/handles: With (editable) numbers for each part. By default I'd set them to have equally large portions, so for group A, 20%, group B is a full 100% for one resource, and C is 50/50.

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