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I suggest using option A. Since we read (and view pages) from left to right this will allow users to explore more. In option B going back seems like a weird experience, I expect people to browse through less blocks this way.


First there are some principles that you should apply: Showing the app state + Visibility of the added item: If some item is added there has to be a clear visual clue that this has happened, the new item should not appear under the fold. Flow (adding the the previous one): If the user is adding something editable (or at least removable) you should gave ...


Generally, time-based lists, as you have described in your sketches, would normally flow in the standard reading direction so that the earliest item is read first and the latest, last. This also works in a vertical sense (top = earliest, bottom = latest). This can be seen in all sorts of applications such as calendars or schedules where both the vertical and ...

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