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When I see imperial units or F degrees for temperature, I usually look for switch. Because good American apps always have unit switch to metric. There is no discoverability problem for me – I just know there should be a switch somewhere. But actually, I've already decided what units I prefer – in System Settings. Why not use it for default?


Remove Measurement Options: "Preferred Unit of Measure" line, "US Customary" and "Metric" sections. This answer relies on either Android SDK being used, or an advanced enough App Creation Tool being used that allows a label, input box and option dropdown to appear on same line. Use same dropdown option as used with Gender for height and weight. This will ...


I've been trying out different fitness apps over the last week or so, and have come across this issue on a lot of them. The very worst offenders are the ones that don't allow you to switch unit types altogether. Some things I'm noticing with your layout: 1) The header for 'Preferred unit of measure' appears to be the header for the entire screen, and thus ...

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