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I would rethink the approach, instead of creating Groups, why don't you base everything in relations, that way it's scalable, also because I'm assuming this is about a same system so at the end of the day everything is related. I would also avoid using long numeric ids and would include who is posting the note. Here's a quick mockup:


Using color to tie similar objects together is better than nothing but can fail to get the job done for colorblind users. If you can change the order of the notes consider explicitly tying the groups together as follows...


Can the same drug be prescribed to be taken before and after a meal? I have never seen that personally, but have no experience in the field except as a patient. Medication Breakfast Lunch Dinner -----------+-----------+-----------+------------ Loremepson > after — before <


I like option B the most, both visually and for the organisation. For a patient with an intensive program of medicaments intake this works the best. Meals are a key factor here, and nurse (or patient) has a sheet from the doctor when to give/take what, so they prepare pills in batches for each meal. So if you are getting ready for your lunch intake, option ...


This is exactly the kind of process that, because there's so much room to play around, results in multiple solutions that could all be considered reasonable. You might not find a "standard design". You should just use the simplest version that you will work for you. Take a look at RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) products. RBAC systems, for managing users ...

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