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Your issue isn't totally clear for me, but I understood that you want to have multi-screen images that can fit different screens, well I can suggest you look for (google) free stock images, then you need to do some resampling (resizing) for the images (if wasn't copyrighted) and have some CSS media queries, it will do the job for you for different screens.


I don't think it is fair to call this tab system Material Design, this is just an example of flat design. You can see in this style guide that Material Design tab systems are set up a bit differently: Material Design Tabs In fact if you use the tab system showed in the Material Design docs it would probably give you that visual distinction you're seeking. ...


Your title is 'how to fix material design?' and in the text your question is 'how to make it obvious what is clickable?'. To make it obvious what is clickable, use well known UX patterns, and your user will know what to do with them. You answered this question yourself when you said that rounded cornered tabs would be instantly clear. As for 'how to fix ...

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