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I think that using only color to differ between something as important as which hand you're using is not the way to go here. The problems with that is: Accessability, this would make your application impossible to use if I'm color blind (more common than you might think) Items will not be quickly and easily distinguishable, there are a lot of colors in ...


Having a distinct outline helps a lot with icons. You could change the orientation of the key to represent the 4 different colours (i.e. change colour and orientation). Something like this should be distinct enough:


Phrases like... add some wow! make it pop! needs more pizazz! ...mean absolutely nothing other than the client is looking at something that doesn't meet their expectations that are in their mind. It also typically comes from clients that are treating their web pages as pieces of art they'd hang up in a dining room rather than as usable tools that their ...


Really interesting example. The main problem here is colour is overloaded - you're already using 7 different colours, so you can't possible use colour to communicate something else as well. The obvious thing is to use something "left-shaped" to communicate the left hand and so on. Perhaps use a gradient shading to the left for the left, and vice versa? It ...

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