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This page on the developer.android.com website shows that Lollipop now has a marketshare of 5.4% over all Android versions. According to this page, material design will work on Android 5.0 (API 21) or higher only. That said, it would not be smart to focus on such a small group only. What you can do is check the current API level of the user's phone, and ...


If your dialogue is titled Client selection or something similar, there is no need to add more info on the button. I think a button called Validate will do. @EDIT : Since it's not a validation, try Add client button ! ;)


This is a really broad question, but, in general, these companies invest a whole lot into user experience. And this is way beyond just having a UX team or graphic designer. Especially at Apple. Apple is a company that essentially sells a user experience. They pretty much start with the user experience and design around that. Another huge advantage very ...

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