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General use There's nothing special about the two words that requires capitalization. In general usage it would look like this: We can pour user experience awesomesauce on your product because we outsource to Ukranian user experience designers and mark up their work 1000%! In the latter instance, you may choose to formalize the title with ...


User Experience thats how ive always seen it written If I saw User eXperience on a CV I would think you're a pretentious idiot.


English can be a challenge Capitalisation This is a stylistic choice. If you use Initial Capitalisation for all job titles, for example, on a résumé or cv, then it's User Experience. It's rare to use sentence capitalisation for job titles on a résumé or CV, but if you do, then it's User experience. If you are talking about a matter of user experience in a ...


Absolutely agree with avoiding me/you. In my experience, when people try to use these modifiers (e.g., "My Documents") it almost always introduces inconsistency. If it's "My Documents," Isn't it also "My Settings," "My Account," My Contacts," and so forth? And if everything is "Mine," why is it necessary to continually restate that? Is the user a ...

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