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I think in that way the interface looks more like an "OS software" and less like a Web App. We shouldn't not forget that Gmail was one of the first adopted WebApp to really replace email softwares. This UI is getting a bit old. Inbox is using a real pointer on every elements.


It will be an attempt to make the app feel more like it is OS native, and less like a website. The UI should be able to provide clear signals about what is interactive and what is not. If a user is relying on the cursor to change to indicate an elements inter-activeness, then the user experience has not been considered enough. In a website the hand ...


From a user point of view, they're going to get this: Performant, Efficient Extension Experience vs Contrivances Creating Web Traffic Ranking When these two things are at odds with each other, you have to favour good service over ranking and page views, and find another way to get gain from the usage of your extension. You will greatly annoy anyone ...

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