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That is a unicode character, many, but not all of which are allowed in URLs. 🌐 is U+1F310 They could also have put 🌎U+1F30E 🌍U+1F30D 🌏U+1F30F or any other unicode character in their URLs. Lots of detail here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2742852/unicode-characters-in-urls


This is well discussed in a brilliant book: Marissa Mayer and the fight to save Yahoo! by Nicholas Carlson. Google won over Yahoo in Search because Yahoo's majority of income came from their Advertising, which made their homepage cluttered with several ads which might not even be relevant. Marissa Mayer was the Product Manager for Google Search and the ...


Pages like google's front page are about having a clear vision, and sticking to it. Many clients do not take the time to clarify their vision, understand how to come up with a vision statement, how to keep to a vision, encapsulate their vision in the design of their products, or communicate it to others. Google do, and that is why the front page is like it ...

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