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How I will handle that is making the puzzle follow your finger... and add buttons at the bottom and a indicator in the bottom center


There are multiple different strands of history in the term "RPG". To grossly oversimplify, western RPGs descended from Dungeon Master, Japanese RPGs descended from dating games :) Then the streams crossed, and western RPGs adopted JRPG tropes. Visual novels (such as dating games) are a huge genre of game in Japan and the Far East, and have been for ...


This really depends on your game. It's very similar to dealing with trolls: if their only goal is to upset other users and to break the rules, then detention is exactly the kind of attention they're craving for. In this case kicking the user or putting them into detention might have the same effect. They might just come back as a different character and the ...


One thing nobody's mentioned so far: Our experiences with non-animated user interfaces are degenerate. We old-timers are the weird ones. The real world is "animated", everything constantly gives feedback by moving, and our minds were created to take advantage of that. As we barely had the CPU cycles to reflect changes the user made in real-time in the past, ...

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