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Depends on how the current site is built. If there is a common include for every page where you can add this new code... I'd argue that 2 days effort would be more than enough. (~16hours) On a really rough legacy site with little consistency this would balloon up to a full week (80hours)


A number of things effect development time. Without knowing all the details 70 hours may or may not be reasonable for your specific situation. As Max mentioned, this is not the correct site for this type of question, and since you are really asking for project estimation and not how to address specific programming problems, Stackoverflow is probably not a ...


I know what you are talking about because we've been facing similar problems adopting our brand to match material design. Our band is minimalistic and only uses 2 colors(just black and white), so google's emphasis on colors for animation and transitions in material design doesn't exactly work across brands like ours. The Oculus example you provided reminds ...


It's odd to me that people get hung up on this. Material is a UI framework, not a brand guideline. But apparently it's a common point of confusion because ... Google created case studies to address this question The Google Design team put together a reference doc appropriately called "Expressing Brand in Material". Material design lays the foundation ...

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