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Have I seen it done? — Yes, by using a content-management system. A content-management system can easily be adjusted (customised) to promote content that's been flagged for such promotion. The choices vary from "sticky posts" to an algorithm that always includes some promoted content with user-generated content. Whether the content is integrated with ...


Just to be clear here; do you mean paid advertisements and promotionals, or do you just mean editorial stuff? In any case it's not wrong per sé, but you would be moving away from 'forum' and somewhat towards 'commented blog'.


Right or wrong is a moral decision; I'll take a slightly different perspective and think about 'can this benefit our users' and 'will this benefit our brand': Ideally you want a win/win! If people are on the forum looking for help, and the company content is relevant, it COULD work really well: the users get what they need and the Brand is promoted as a ...

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