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What you should be doing is emphasizing what is most important. I'm assuming that in this case it is the hyperlink. Make sure everything has the same styling, that way the hyperlink will stand out more. What you should also do is make people want to click it. Give it some provocative copy writing such as " us by committing.." or something of that ...


Generally emphasized should be the core parts of description instead of only description. Why? Because you want to attract user's attention with emphasizing only description there is no difference between other part of content, emphasizing the hyperlink this is not a good idea. Emphasizing is for distinguish the core part of content. However for forum the ...


Cambria works great for me out of the previous mentioned fonts to save space and I have no issues with readability. Tahoma is my second next favorite and the most easiest for readability in my opionion but cambria can save up even more space.


Have you tried shifting the values based on the number of digits? In other words, set the vertical offset for the single-digit numbers to remove the empty space and then move the numbers upwards as the number of digits increases. The plus side of this approach is that now, in addition to the visual- length-based sorting already present, height-based ...


One option you may try is to make the dark area variable, depending from the number of digits. This way the dark area will also work as a visual cue, indicating the magnitude of the number.


Scaling of text according to the size of the sample, on comparable images, more often than not results badly. Lets try to work around that. Small numbers (as in single digit numbers) might look too isolated and unaesthetic when appearing on a bigger canvas. This can be avoided to an extent by making the ten's place hold a value by default (0 in our ...


Are you restricted to using an angled corner? If not, a box would be much more simple & sleek. Otherwise if you are stuck using the angled corner, aligning to the top right rather then center is probably your best bet!

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