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Invision might be what you're looking for. It allows you to convert static mockups into usable prototypes, with animations and transitions.


If you were restricted by hardware then you probably wouldn't want to do any of this but, since you're using iOS and have existing hardware, why not allow the user to record their own sound to be played 1 second before the shutter release. This could be automatically cued so that the shutter fires 1 second after the recording has finished playing. You could ...


The sound is a good idea (but it can be not enough in certain conditions, for instance in noisy environments). I'd recommend to pay attention to pattern, frequency of your sound tone — It should be easily recognised by different people, not mixing, for instance, with speech tones, or other typical application sounds. Also it is important to make the ...


Note that cameras usually come with this feature and perform beeps in the last 3/5 seconds to let the photographed user/s know when to smile, but dont hesitate to experiment because i personally think a camera flash would be a very good identifier for people that are far away from the phone,but i do wonder who takes these types of pictures these days.

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