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"All" option to the left of the "#" would be an easy fix. If you're thinking about adding more advanced functionallity in the future - namely multiple selection, consider doing it this way: download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups I really like this option for complex filters.


One should simply not use the same term for items that are not the same. Users will not understand why they get different functionality between the two instances of the term. Filtering functionality is not uncommon in apps, so many users will understand the term. For those who don't, are tooltips possible for the control, or explanatory text in the UI?


I feel from a user's standpoint that I very much appreciate a list that auto completes as I type. I don't mean just the first letter, but each letter drills you down farther. In my experience it is the quickest way to get to am item bar none. It is also very rare and I wish more programmers would do it or use tools that do it for them if they aren't into ...


Option 2 is a better idea. "Have a 'Recently used' section at the top with the x most-recently-used items (3? 5? 10?) and an 'All' section below with everything on the list." In terms of your 'recency or frequency' question, it all depends on what you are holding in the list. For example, if you have data which the user is unlikely to select ...

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