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As with the response by Shano, I think this would work better by moving the feedback outside the button. I would also disable the button. This would avoid people double clicking and accidentally sending multiple emails unintentionally. I would also want to confirm what the goal is with the delay, Is it to prevent accidental multiple emails, or to prevent a ...


Personally, I've always been a fan of reusing the buttons to give users feedback on their actions, and this I think is a good idea. I think what you're aiming for is the right approach, but I don't think the button should revert to the original text right away. Instead, consider changing the text to something like "Resend Email Again" (though it's too ...


Why not move the animated spinner outside the button? You could place it immediately to the right of the button when clicked. When it's sent, replace it with a green tick and text 'sent'. If button is clicked again, the 'sent' text is replaced with spinner and it goes again. Just an alternative idea that might look less confusing.

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