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The fewer words the better, and no words at all are better than negative words. Don't say why you think there might be a problem, or even that you think there is likely to be a problem. Instead just make it easy for them to contact you in the event that they do happen to come across a problem. I quite liked an experience I had recently at surfdome where it ...


It's very important to consider In-App feedback to communicate directly with users, without them getting away from the app to send an email or tweet the problem. This will enable you to: 1) Two-way communication with users to know what's working and what's not. 2) Save time collecting feedback to continuously iterate and enhance your app.


Sharing part of an article would be nice if done right. I think typically people can only share a whole article though so it might seem a little counterintuitive - maybe it's worth just going for sharing the whole article to begin with and then adding the other functionality over time? Also the UI isn't too problematic though I'd be careful with the text ...


Modal is not a good idea here, because it blocks other user actions too (or prevent them to see their data that already loaded). you can simply show small progress bar on the right side of your screen with short data about the item. after it added, hide the box and just highlight the row of new item in table (or any other container you using).

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