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When I've seen these in the past they have always been called Conditional Logic forms, e.g. http://www.gravityforms.com/features/conditional-logic/


In marketing lingo, it's called qualifying question or filter question. I doubt there's a proper technical term, it's more like two things mixed up: that it's a form and that it's reactive / dynamic / conditional. But if you need a catchy name, how about responsive form? In a web based solution, a form would be done in HTML (<form>, <input>, ...


I don't think there is a different name for the form itself. The form is still a form - except that maybe it borders on becoming a survey! When you start creating the form you shouldn't need to decide whether you need a straight form or an 'adaptive form' - you should be able to decide at any point - and add or remove the logic at any time. You don't need ...


I use the term 'conditional input' to indicate that there are elements within the form that is conditional to the input provided by the user. I think appending the term 'conditional' in front of a UI element suggests that they are triggered by a particular condition. Remember that it is not necessarily the entire form that changes, but just specific ...

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