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I agree that gathering individual preferences i not helpful. If you get a lot of aesthetics comments that do not converge, you might point out that a Visual Design overall might be beneficial. Otherwise, you can drill further when the participant provides that kind of feedback, to try to unearth underlying issues. Such as: "I don't like the color of this ...


Be prepared to provide hard data for your own choices, and ask them to do the same. It will take you a lot of time and effort, but eventually they will realize that you always back up your decisions with research and facts and will stop.


Sometimes the most subtle way of getting the user feedback is by using analytics. Of course this will not give you valuable feedback right away, you need to put in the right tracking in the right places then be able to read it. I often find that this data is more reliable than user giving direct feedback. It's easier to understand the user needs than the ...


You can try to place a button 'Review Us' near their screens, and ensure your polls are very flexible to have customer enter their ideas, their thought. One more thing, you can try to use a live chat during beta period to reach customer very closely.


Yes, people provide feedback in those. I have been responsible for public feedback on applications with millions of customers, so I've spent many hours reading such feedback. Since the feedback is unfiltered and people can write whatever they would like, you should expect to get anything and everything. I've seen everything from personal threats to crash ...


I have a few ideas, based on what the UI looks like: You could use color to designate the distinction; make the local areas look slightly different from the global setting. This can also help the users tell the different local settings award form each other (mail->blue accents, tasks->yellow accents, etc.). Maybe rethink the grid, and turn it into a ...


Are you also considering how many people fill the survey on desktop vs mobile? One reason could be just that it is difficult for one to fill it out on mobile and that's why they drop off. Also, as Alex mentioned, forms are extremely dull and if you can engage the user in some manner, they are going to continue till the end. It could be through quiz, ...

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